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Newsletter Summer 2017

Are equity markets too expensive? And how well diversified are you? Many stock market valuations are certainly not cheap, nor have they been for some time. One popular measure of valuation of the US S&P500 stock-market index is the CAPE ratio. This shows the... read more

Important Change to PRSI and State Pension Entitlement

Whether you qualify for the the State Pension (contributory) depends on a minimum number of PRSI contributions paid during your working life, and a minimum yearly average paid/credited contributions. This entitlement is not means-tested. The yearly average determines... read more

Budget 2017: Main Points & Key Takeaways

    Budget 2017 can be summarised as lots of little things for lots of people. The main points relating to personal and business financial planning are as follows: Taxes: * USC rate bands cut by 0.5%, from 1% to 0.5% ; 3% to 2.5% and 5.5% to 5% * DIRT... read more

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