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Why Should I Invest?

Why Should I Invest?

Why Should I Invest? In this short video, Nobel laureate Eugene Fama explains two key steps to investing: knowing why you want to invest and understanding your tolerance for risk.   Let Markets Work for You   The financial markets have rewarded long-term... read more

The Randomness of Global Equity Returns

Investment opportunities exist all around the globe.   Across more than 40 countries, there are over 15,000 publicly traded companies.[1] If you listen to the news, however, some countries may seem like better places to invest than others based on how their... read more
Planning for the Cost of Family Education

Planning for the Cost of Family Education

When building financial plans for families, we tend to find that educating children ranks highly on the list of priorities. The costs associated with primary and secondary school education will usually be funded from regular monthly household income. While there is a... read more

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Investment fads are nothing new. When selecting strategies for their portfolios, investors are often tempted to seek out the latest and greatest investment opportunities. Over the years, these approaches have sought to capitalise on developments such as the perceived... read more

2018 Market Review

After logging strong returns in 2017, global equity markets delivered negative returns in Euro terms in 2018. Common news stories in 2018 included reports on global economic growth, corporate earnings, record low unemployment in the US, the implementation of Brexit,... read more

Risks of Owning a Single Stock

What do the following unrelated companies have in common? Amazon   Apple    Bank of Ireland CRH          Dell       Eli Lilly Google     Merck   Microsoft Pfizer       Smurfit  Tesco Firstly they are all household names and large employers in Ireland whose stock is... read more

Socially Responsible Investing

Doing Well and Doing Good?   Growing interest in the impact of fossil fuels on the global climate may spark questions about whether individuals can integrate their values around sustainability with their investment goals and, if so, how. As citizens, individuals... read more

Irish Budget 2019: What it means for you

Irish Budget 2019 – Main points The main takeaways from Budget ’19 in respect of personal finances are as follows: Personal Taxes Personal Income Tax rates have not changed. Tax bands have widened marginally so that a single earner now moves from the 20% rate to 40%... read more

Pension Tax Relief Deadline 2018

The deadline is fast approaching for claiming tax relief against 2017 earnings by making a pension contribution. Now is the ideal time to top-up your existing pension or start a new policy. This applies whether you are self-employed or a PAYE taxpayer. If you pay and... read more

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