Financial Planning is about more than just investing

The goal in building a plan is Peace of Mind. It seeks to answer key questions like:

Q:  Am I going to be okay?
Q:  Is my family going to be okay?
Q:  When can I retire?
Q:  What mistakes am I making?


What is a Financial Plan?

A Financial Plan sets out your financial goals & objectives and a roadmap for how to achieve them. Depending on your stage in life, these may include:

  • Education planning for the kids
  • Saving and Investing for the future
  • Pension & Retirement Planning
  • Ensuring you have the correct life insurance to protect your family
  • Living in retirement
  • Estate Planning

The Financial plan will include analysis and recommendations about all of your existing assets & liabilities. It will also include a full lifetime cashflow analysis.




How we build financial plans

  • Firstly we meet you in person or via video link to outline how we work and answer your questions. There is no cost to you for this meeting
  • The next stage is a discovery meeting. This enables us to establish your financial goals and objectives and to gather all of the information we need
  • When we have the first draft, we will meet again to make any adjustments or run alternative scenarios
  • The detailed plan will then be presented to you along with our observations and recommendations
  • Financial Plans are updated annually at a minimum


Click here to find out why we believe having a financial plan is so important.


Check out the videos below for an illustration of how our financial planning software helps:


(1) How we start to build your financial plan                                       


(2) How the plan evolves over time



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