Investments & Wealth Management

We can help you to create a multi-asset, globally diversified portfolio

We are experienced in creating multi-asset, globally diversified portfolios

The main lesson to be taken from the destruction of wealth in Ireland during the 2007-12 Financial Crisis is that most people were not diversified. The vast majority of people had the same risk (mostly property in one form or another, and/or bank equity/credit).
Ireland is <1% of the world economy – don’t have all of your assets here!

Equity / Credit / Interest Rates / Real Estate / Commodities / Cash

There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio but we will help to guide your investment decisions, assess opportunities across asset classes globally and outline risks in your strategy. We will help to establish whether it makes sense for you to invest directly, or through passive or actively managed funds, capital guaranteed structures, Hedge Funds, ETFs etc…. We explain all of the options available.

Defined and clearly explained investment solutions

We will help you to cut through all the jargon to create a long-term financial plan, specific to your needs and wishes.

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