We all have financial goals and objectives, but often fail to document or have a strategy about how to achieve them.

For young families this may include planning for third-level education costs, ensuring the correct amount of life and income insurance is in place, and understanding how to increase the chances of a comfortable retirement.

As we go through life, the financial plan is crucial for more detailed modelling of retirement expectations, managing financial risk, how to draw down income in retirement, estate planning and more.

What role does a financial adviser play?

Using a professional adviser takes emotion out of analysing financial decisions. It gives you access to someone who knows about investments, financial protection, and constantly changing tax and pension rules.

It provides you with someone to educate you and your family on how to achieve your financial goals and objectives and guide you on that journey.

At Ardbrack Financial we can analyse existing investments, pensions and your overall financial situation. Using state-of-the-art planning software, we build financial plans providing strategies tailored to your individual circumstances.

Pension Planning

The days of working for one company for forty years and retiring on a generous final salary pension are long gone.

Understanding and taking personal control of pension planning are now more important than ever. Relying on the State paying you a pension of a little more than €1,000 per month from age 68 will not provide the kind of dignified retirement than we all aspire to.

Pensions can be complex and the language is often full of jargon. An unbiased professional Financial Planner can cut through the jargon and help put you and your family on the road to financial independence.

If you already have a pension, you should be confident that you and/or your employer are contributing enough, that you are maximising the generous tax relief each year, that you know exactly what you are paying in fees and that you are receiving a high-quality service, that the investments you hold are appropriate and that the pension fits properly in your overall family financial plan.

Lifestyle financial planning

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a relatively new concept in Ireland. It involves a detailed analysis of your full financial situation, incorporating cashflow modelling to help you make informed decisions and live the life you aspire to. Overall it aims to give you peace of mind.

We embrace best-in-class financial software to present long-term financial projections. This allows us to illustrate and plan for a broad range of scenarios. For example: different levels of investment risk / rates of return, impact of long-term illness, changing employment situation, relocating to Ireland from overseas, consolidating pension funds, early retirement, inheritance tax planning, succession planning and more.


John McWey, Ardbrack Financial Limited, will analyse your finances to build a personal pension plan to suit your situation.

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