This week’s implosion of Sterling serves as timely reminder for those who previously worked in the UK that it’s worth considering moving old pensions to Ireland.

This can be a complex process and needs to be carefully managed.

As an adviser who worked in the UK for many years, I regularly get cold calls offering to help remotely with pension transfers. Needless to say, cold calls are a red flag and immediately ignored.


Working With a Trusted Adviser


Meeting a trusted adviser in person who is based in Ireland, experienced in working such cases, and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland can lead to better outcomes.

This would include incorporating the pension transfer into a comprehensive financial plan with lifetime cashflow projections, regular reviews, managing the investment & annual meetings.

This blogpost from one of our trustee partner firms gives some useful information on the hurdles we help navigate. Click Here.

An overview of our financial planning process can be found by clicking here.

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