Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”)

The EU SFDR imposed mandatory Environmental, Social & Governance (“ESG”) disclosure obligations on financial markets participants effective March 2021.


Integrating Sustainability Risks

When providing investment advice, Ardbrack Financial will consider the principal adverse impacts of its investment recommendations on sustainability. As part of our research and assessment of investment products, we will examine product provider literature to compare financial products and to make informed decisions with respect to ESG themes. Ardbrack Financial will always act in its clients best interest and keep clients informed accordingly. Please note that the consideration of ESG risks can impact on investment returns.


Remuneration Policy

Although predominantly fee based, Ardbrack Financial will sometimes be paid a commission by product providers (e.g. for arranging a policy of life insurance). In situations where we receive a commission we will disclose this to you in advance and in writing and this will form part of the remuneration for our services. In our assessment of investment or insurance products, we will take into account how product providers integrate sustainability risks into their product offering and this will impact on our recommendation.


How our Investment Partners Integrate ESG Factors