Sustainable investing has been a theme in financial markets for decades. That theme has broadened in recent years to include ethical investing, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) funds have grown enormously in recent times, reaching €1.1 trillion in Europe alone see here.


What is ESG Investing?

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) means taking into consideration a broad range of factors when deciding upon whether to invest or lend to a company. These may include greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, water & waste management, production of weapons, child labour, diversity & compensation of the management board and much more.



Doing Well and doing Good. 

As individuals, we all play a part in shaping the future for our children and for our planet. When it comes to our saving and investing habits, we can now choose where to place our hard-earned cash based on environmental and ethical factors.

Competition among fund managers has driven down the cost of investment funds with ESG credentials and we now have a choice of hundreds of such funds for our savings and our pension funds. Importantly, you can make those ESG investment decisions while maintaining your investment goals and objectives. Additionally, you can easily switch from existing funds into ESG funds, usually without any charge – Ask your financial adviser to explain in more detail.


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